About Us

Wantulok Design

One half of our business we call Wantulok Build and the other is Wantulok Creative. Together we form the Wantulok Design.

Individually each half is able to better serve their clients with specialized, expert knowledge: Wantulok Build for branding, design and marketing communications for the building industry; Wantulok Creative for a wide range of consumer and business to business clients. And together Wantulok Design is able to take your brand and business to some pretty amazing places.


About the Owner

Tyler Wantulok - Wantulok Design
I have a love for graphic design and a great appreciation for making a company great, from the ground up. After graduating from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, I knew exactly what I wanted to with my degree. I wanted to start and run a successful business that helps clients bring their brands and products to life. I thrive on ideas and love the everyday adventure of helping people make their companies better. As operating partner of Wantulok Design, my hope is to utilize, expand and nurture our strongly established team. For me it is all about teamwork. Work in a vacuum and you will get a very stale result. But when surrounded by a team with fresh insights, observations and life experiences, the work takes on dramatic, exciting and sometimes very unexpected qualities that make it unique indeed.